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  1. Please, for people who have registered for the program, when are they shortlisting the names of successful applicants

  2. Please I can’t access the site. Where do I start from so as to commence the registration process.?

  3. Can I apply for this , I have applied for n- power already. Will it result to instant disqualification? Please I need an answer. Good morning all

  4. Please am greatfuel for this information about NALDA, please kindly keep me posted when the recruitment will start. Thank you.

  5. Pls,I have been trying to upload my passport for d past 3days now so i can submit but it’s not uploading..pls what can I do about it.

  6. the site is difficult to access.
    have filled the form to the level of attaching passport
    but is not working

  7. I have tried but the passport is not uploading, pls do something about that portal. I don’t kW why everything in Nigeria is like this.

  8. Hi, have been trying to upload my passport but it wasn’t accepted and it meet the password requirement ,less than 180kb -jpg format,

  9. what the need of commenting when you dont profer solutions to peoples challenges. for all the probelms mentioned here, no single solutions. site is not opening for forms to be filled, passport difficult to upload etc yet theres no feedback from whoseover is handling the portal. What a shame

  10. Two days ago the site open but somehow difficult to upload someone passport photo, since then I have been trying no access. Please kindly do the needful to enable Nigerians apply. Thanks

  11. Im berry happy to and approach withe full confidence withe program l m use the opportunity to achiving these program in according to the condition was successful

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