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  1. Please I tried to register my details as you required but fail abortive, can you please send me the functional web site, I am waiting for you. Thank and best regards

  2. The site for this nalda is not opening can you please give the real site to fill my details for this job

    1. We hope to believe our government this time is serious to assist the masses if that’s not a scamp to stress us while people will west a lot of energy without achieving anything. Please my advice to ensure real people having this country at heart for this assigment

  3. When will recruitment start on this site.? Pls send updates to my email, okhaniblessing9@ gmail. com .Thanks.

  4. Pls I have been trying to access this portal for my registration but I can’t. Pls I need a serious help on this oooo

  5. Please alert me when the site is open ,cause I have been trying and the site is not working

  6. The form is not available on line, I did all I could but I did not find the form. Please how can I get the form to fill. thanks

  7. As a citizen of Nigeria I wish to contribute in agriculture to ensure that there is food in the economy of Nigeria to reduce importation of food stuffs and to increase the exportation foodstuffs in the country thank you .

  8. I thought it was only me get such problem and i see almost everybodys result is the same
    Please kindly if you are not ready for the job you should stop confusing people

    1. I am very much interested if this is for real cause I have been trying to log in several time but no avail. Please I will still be waiting, thanks.

  9. I hope this non be Buhari 419 Agenda / Imposters wanting to rip innocent citizen. I tried the site is not opening. Let me advise my fellow Nigerians. That any person request you to pay any money Don’t pay…….. I non understand Ohooooo.

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