www.nalda.ng – NALDA Volunteer Programme Portal [Register / Login]


www.nalda.ng – NALDA Volunteer Programme Portal [Register / Login]: Are you looking for NALDA Volunteer programme registration portal? Do you want to apply as a volunteer for NALDA programme online? If then, this article is all you need to get started.

The NALDA Volunteer programme provides opportunities for eligible Nigerians to contribute their volunteer actions, where suitable, to support the work of NALDA in the NALDA pilot projects.

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www.nalda.ng – NALDA Volunteer Programme Portal [Register / Login].

In this article, you will get vital information on how to apply for NALDA Volunteer Programme Portal www.nalda.ng. www.nalda.ng is the NALDA Recruitment Portal where volunteer can submit their application for the ongoing NALDA 2020 recruitment exercise. Registrations is ongoing at NALDA Website www.nalda.ng/nalda-volunteer.

The Programme which will last 6 months will tactically organize broad-based volunteer services of eligible Nigerians to meet the targets of the three main pilot projects of NALDA to guarantee food and nutrition security in Nigeria.

Let me take you down the general application requirements for the NALDA Recruitment 2020 application form.

If you you have these qualifications as required by NALDA, then go ahead to apply online. Else, check carefully the NALDA Job Application requirements.


NALDA Recruitment Requirements.

  • Nationality: Must be Nigerians
  • Education: Minimum of OND and other related qualifications
  • Skills: Computer skills are desired, goal-oriented
  • Must be dependable and punctual
  • Must respect and maintain confidentiality of the organization

www.nalda.ng Registration Portal.

Nalda registration can be done at ease. Interested candidates should login to the NALDA recruitment portal www.nalda.ng/nalda-volunteer to commence their registration. Hence, you are required to follow carefully, the instructions on the page and fill in the necessary information required.

Interested applicants who wish to participate or apply for the NALDA Volunteer programme should being their registration and sign up via the portal www.nalda.ng/nalda-volunteer.

Login nalda.ng Volunteer Portal

If you have registered on the NALDA portal, and you intend to login to the portal again, you can easily visit NALDA recruitment protal and login with your credentials (email and password) on which you registered with.

To login to NALDA portal, visit your account page here www.nalda.ng/nalda-volunteer.

Important Information to All Applicants.

  • In order to be shortlisted for Nalda recruitment portal 2020, you need to make your credentials ready and available for uploading on recruitment portal. Do you know the qualifications involved for applying for Nalda Recruitment 2020?
  • All information provided on this website is totally FREE of charge. Don’t be a victim to fraudsters who try extort money from you. Don’t pay anyone who claims he can help you get a Job in NALDA.
  • Applicants should ensure they have the requirement needed and they can now submit their application online.

Any questions regarding www.nalda.ng volunteer portal login? then simply let us know by leaving a comment below this article.


  1. Good evening have been trying to register for the program but the site is not opening please notify me when the site is ready

  2. Am trying to apply for the program it couldn’t work out which site raddy for the program. Please reply me with the site. Thanks

  3. God bless our president for doing this. Pls am interested but the link not open. Farming is the best occupation

  4. It’s telling me that the picture is not compatible…
    I have reduced the image size still no way…
    I have changed all the browser still no way

  5. Please I’m finding it difficult to see the form. Please is necessary for me to drop my data here to help me register it online

  6. I’m interested. Then what about those that registered using the portal that was crashed because of congestion? Are they going to repeat? Thanks.

  7. please is there any indication that someone has successfully registered because i did not see any indication after the registration just that my information was no longer on the colums

  8. I have been trying for this for about hundred times but the server is still error. Is the number of applicants reached the maximum? Or to keep trying, the portal will be soon ready

  9. I had been trying for this to get the portal for about hundred times but the server is still error.i want to know if the number of applicants reached? to look for another job opportunity

  10. Pls my people I have been trying to apply but I unable to do so. Therefore my question is that does that means the portal has been closed?

  11. This site really has a problem, a matter of just to click, I click a thousand times but it couldn’t open since June 16th,
    Am eager to be part of this program, notify me whenever the portal problem is solve. Am interested.

  12. This site really has a problem, a matter of just to click, I click a thousand times but it couldn’t open since June 16th,
    Am eager to part of this program, notify me whenever the portal problem is solve. Am interested.

  13. Please I want to apply for this program but the site has not been opening. Please notify me ones the site is open again.Thank you.

  14. I am looking for the registration form online to apply for the nalda.ng but couldn’t find one. Is it that it has closed?. Please help me on how to register.

  15. I have filled the form already, but I want to know if there is any other credentials to be uploaded, aside from the passport, because while I was doing mine, I only uploaded my passport.

    • Currently, the portal is not currently going through because of massive traffic. You can login to your account to check again if there’s any notice to upload any other credentials. But I doubt because successfully accessed the site few times since it was made public.

      Thank you.

  16. Am ever ready to server and to deliver the best of my ability in a most dynamic competitive and challenging environment. I am a graduate. I have National Diploma in statistics and knowledge in computer.


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