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Download NIMC MWS Mobile ID App – www.nimcmobile.app

by James Kase

Download NIMC MWS Mobile ID App – www.nimcmobile.app: The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched a National Identity Number (NIN) mobile application and a new improved NIN slip.

Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, disclosed this in a statement signed on his behalf by his Technical Adviser, Femi Adeluyi, on Thursday night.

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Download NIMC MWS Mobile ID App – www.nimcmobile.app.

“This is part of the Federal Government’s policy to improve the process of obtaining NIN and linking it to SIM, which was sent to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for implementation”, Adeluyi said in the statement.

The government also said the N20 and N40 fees for NIN verification by individuals and Mobile Network Operators, respectively, were also waived in the new app.

Mobile Digital ID

Valid Means of Identification

  • The improved NIN Slip bearing a QR code and Mobile ID are valid means of identification with the caveat that each MUST be verified using an approved resource such as the NIMC Mobile ID app.
  • The current NIN Slip and National e-ID also remain VALID means of identification.

What You Require to access NIMC Mobile ID App?

  • Your National Identification Number (NIN).
  • Your phone number (which you used during enrolment for the NIN) – to receive an OTP for installing the Mobile ID app.
  • Good Internet connection.

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Download the NIMC MWS Mobile ID App

  • First, make sure any previous (Beta) version of the NIMC MWS Mobile App has been uninstalled from your mobile device.
  • Get the app from https://nimcmobile.app >>
  • DO NOT download the app from dubious websites and social media accounts which may be sharing malicious or corrupt app files.
  • To print your NIN slip with the QR code and view your mobile app usage records got to https://myportal.nimc.gov.ng >>
  • Get your UserID from the Mobile ID app and a one-minute OTP from the “I Need a PIN” button on the app as well – the UserID and OTP are the credentials you use for logging into https://myportal.nimc.gov.ng
  • Check all your apps to see if the Mobile ID app was actually installed, first, if you encounter difficulties like an error message during installation.
  • In some cases, if you encounter an error, try again.
  • For enquires or support contact mobileid@nimc.gov.ng

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Quick Tips Around NIMC Mobile ID App

  • The UserID appearing on the Mobile ID app is used to represent you during verfications to protect your NIN.
  • The QR codes appearing on your NIN slip as well as on your app DO NOT contain your biometric data.
  • On the app, use the “Show My ID” button to display your virtual card and verification QR code – tap on the card to flip it so you can see the back.
  • Use the slider on the top right side of your virtual card on the app to control how much of your details are displayed.
  • Tapping on the “refresh” button in the “Show My ID” section of the app updates your information by connecting securely to NIMC for your most recent viewable data (maybe you modified your name or address at a NIMC office) – make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Use the QR code in the “Show My ID” section when someone wishes to scan and verify your identity.
  • To scan someone else’s verification QR code on their mobile app or NIN slip, tap on the “Scan an ID” button on your app.
  • To get an OTP number to use when logging into the online portal for printing out your NIN slip, tap on the “I Need a PIN” button on your app.
  • When you finish using the Mobile ID app, tap on the “Lock” icon on the bottom right side of the screen to lock the app

NIMC Mobile App Download – FAQs.

I am worried about crowds, can I link my Mobile Numbers in the App?

Absolutely! Given the on-going pandemic, the need to maintain physical distancing between each other, and the sheer inconvenience of travel to each Telco to carry out the exercise, the NIMC is hereby offering this as a function within the MWS MobileID App. All you need to do is use the number known to NIMC to provision yourself in the app using your NIN and the number known to NIMC, then click on “My Devices”, where you may add up to 6 EXTRA numbers. Each one must be verified via SMS. An OTP will be sent to the number you entered in the function, and you will then enter the same OTP in your NIMC MobileID. Shikena!

Repeat for all others (6 maximum) and leave the rest to us.

How much does it cost?

For anyone who has a Smartphone (and of course a NIN), the app is FREE. If you don’t have a Smartphone, you may still download your NIN slip in the new format for N400 + Taxes. If anyone tells you the App is not Free, please refer them here. THE APP IS FREE!!!

What then are the Service Plans for?

Anyone wishing to verify the credentials of another person, MUST purchase a service plan and be themselves known to the NIMC. You the owner of the ID will ALWAYS have to approve any verification AND you will be notified when such takes place, and by whom.

Do I need a contract?

Your NIN, UserID in the app and of course the service plan are all you need to verify someone, because NIMC will always know who the verifier is. But YOU DO NOT need Internet or a service plan to display your ID or to be verified.

Can I sign up with my BVN?

Most BVN holders already have a NIN, due to the harmonization being carried out between the NIMC and NIBSS. You are however required to visit a NIMC office or an accredited agent to update your biometrics BEFORE the NIN becomes active. So the answer is no. You need an active National Identitifcation Number (NIN) to provision yourself on the app.

Will I need Internet Access to display my ID?

No. Once you have set up your ID on the app, you are NOT required to have Internet Access to display your ID and be verified. The onus is on the verifier to have Internet Access at all times when they wish to verify another person. Unlike most other ID tokens, the Mobile ID displays very basic information by default. If the verifier needs more information such as your birth date, the will need to ask you to click on a button at the top right corner of the ID Page. It is only then that they can scan the QR Code on the ID page to verify your credentials with this extra info. Whenever you are verified, you will be notified of the verification under “My Records” in the app. The UserID of the Verifier will show there, as well as the type of verification and the date it was done.

In this day and age of fraud, how do I know who verifies my ID?

One of the exciting features of this Digital ID card, is the fact that, no one can verify your identity without your knowledge. When you tap on “My Records”, you will see the UserID of the verifier, the date of the verification and the type that was done. Afterall, the ID is yours, why shouldn’t you know?

If I take the NIN Slip or MobileID to the Bank, will they accept it?

Yes. The Federal Government of Nigeria is issuing these Identity Tokens to you. In the coming weeks, there will be public awareness campaigns, Memos to relevant organisations and Government agencies and much more, to sensitive everyone about these Digital Identity tokens. The NIN Slip AND MobileID are therefor valid means of Identification with the caveat that each MUST be verified using an approved resource such as the NIMC Mobile ID. Otherwise, the verifying entity bears the risk.

I don’t know my NIN. How do I get it?

Please dial *346# from the Number known to the NIMC. Soon you will also be able to send NIN to 346 on any network to accomplish the same NIN retrieval. For security reasons, please and please, protect your NIN as best possible.

I no longer have the number I registered at NIMC with. What do I do?

For you to be able to use the app, you MUST be verified with a Mobile Number. If you no longer have the old number, not to worry. Please visit your nearest NIMC Office to update your mobile number. Thank you.

Can I correct my name or birth date in the App?

Unfortunately, not. The app is READ ONLY. Any changes required can only be carried out in person at a NIMC enrolment centre.

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