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  1. The government has tried and needs to be given kudos. However, for fairness to reign, batch B is supposed to be given at least another year or at most two years. Reasons:
    1. Batch A has spent nearly 4years while batch B is only about to complete the second year.
    2. Batch A participants were given devices (iPads). Batch B participants have not been given even cellphones.
    Thus, there is a very high discrepancy in the treatment of the two batches by the government. Look at the huge amount for 22 months and the worth of various devices that batch participants are deprived of. There is no equal treatment here. If something is not done to cover this huge gap, batch B participants will surely and rightly feel the government has shown favouritism. And I believe (I may be wrong) that is far from the government’s intention.

    I wish the ministry under Mrs Farouq will consider this as it sets out to disengage both batches.
    That’s my submission. I hope the minister will get to hear and know if the grievance of batch B participants.

    Thank you.

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