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  1. I , too since June I haven’t received any thing , not even mail. I only got approval or form telling me I was successful. 08033831Xxxx

  2. I applied covid19loan tcf since May and it was approved on 13june but no alert since, Will I still have hope precisely all was happening this 2020 ,08130Xxxxxxxxx, thanks

  3. My covid19loan tcf was approved on the 13june and I have provided other account no alert since please help me to get my covid19loan tcf thanks,081300Xxxxx

  4. I applied since June and a friend that apply the same day got her confirmatory message but i have not gotten any message does it meen am disqualified

  5. I applied since earliest June and I received an acknowledged saying they should back to me soon,but up to this moments I hvnt seen any information from the bnk

  6. Good evening, I applied since early June but up till now i haven’t receive any message either on my mail or…

  7. I apply since Apri but yet i was not been approved, sir how it takes before should approved?

  8. Please sir i sormmited my application on June and it showed successful but I have not gotten approval response till now.

  9. I have fill the form and submitted successfully , since June but i have not received any response

  10. A friend of mine who registered in the same day with me got a confirmatory message but up till now,I have not gotten any message at all

  11. I tried to re enter my BVN for confirmation they keep saying BVN does not exist, pls sir I dnt understand, bcos I already applied for the loan an is been approved.

  12. Good evening Sir/madam, please I have apply for the CBN covid 19 palliative loan this month of June, it has being over 2 weeks, I haven’t receive any reply to know whether the application was successful & attended to or not. Pls Sir what else should I do??.

  13. James I applied since at April but I don’t see the approved isee only Chick back letter what am I to do sir

  14. Is there any action taken on this network and congestion issues. I think it is high time to let Nigerians know the current update because some agents are very busy generating money (processing fee) from innocent people, whereas the application is not accessible long ago.

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