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Hektoen Institute Grand Prix Essay Competition 2021/2022

Hektoen Institute Grand Prix Essay Competition 2021/2022: Apply for Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition 2021.Heckton International invites you to participate in the 2021 Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition in honor of Hektoen Institute Board member Mrs.Hella Mannheimer (1924-2020)

Topics might include art, history, literature, education, etc. as they relate to medicine. In order to ensure the receipt of a wide variety of articles, we have decided to exclude those dealing with COVID 19 from this contest. We have many articles on medical history, so please search for your topic to see if it has been extensively covered before submitting an article. Essays should be under 1,500 words.

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Hektoen Institute Grand Prix Essay Competition 2021/2022.

Founded in 1943, Hektoen Institute offers a full-service, turn-key grant management solution for nonprofit organizations and municipalities. We assist with identifying, developing, writing, and applying for sponsored funding opportunities. We provide services to manage and administer the award, including accounting, reporting, human resources, and payroll.

Benefits of Hektoen Institute Grand Prix Essay Competition

Two prizes will be awarded: $5,000 for the winner and $2,500 for the runner-up.

Requirements for Hektoen Institute Grand Prix Essay Competition

  • Submission of an article implies consent to publish in Hektoen International. If accepted for publication, an article may be published at any time regardless of the outcome of the competition. If major edits are made, proofs will be sent to the authors before publication.
  • The contest is open to participants 18 years or older.
  • For multiple author articles, only one person should submit the entry and communicate with the editors.
  • Entries should be no longer than 1,500 words and must follow our article guidelines, including a cover page and proper formatting of both text and illustrations. Incomplete submissions will be deemed ineligible for submission.
  • Articles may include images. If you provide an image, please review the guidelines in the Illustrations section below.
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How to Apply for Grand Prix Essay Competition

Contest submissions should be sent to or submitted using our form by September 15, 2021, at 12 pm (Noon) CST. Late submissions will not be considered.

Submissions will be read by the editors and contest judges for Hektoen International. The editors of the journal will recommend submissions and edits for publication and contest judges will read the original submission presented by the author.

The winners of the contest will be announced by email in 2021 and winning articles will be published in a 2021 issue of Hektoen International.

Participants should certify that their work is original and that they have copyright ownership and permission to use any images submitted.

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Application Deadline

September 15, 2021


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