NOUN POP Exam Timetable 2021 – Final Draft 2021_1 Semester


NOUN POP Exam Timetable 2021 – Final Draft 2021_1 Semester: The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the final draft POP exam timetable for the 2020_1 semester exam. According to the timetable, NOUN Pen On Paper (POP) examination for 300 level – 800 level [Undergraduate and Post Graduate] students will start on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – ends on Monday, June 21, 2021.

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NOUN POP Exam Timetable 2021 – Final Draft 2021_1 Semester.

  • All NOUN Students are urged to download the timetable, plan and check for errors.
  • All comments, feedback, and observations about the timetable should be submitted at the counselor’s office in your study centre
  • Kindly report clashes and possible omissions of any examinable course from the draft. For clarity, two or more courses are said to clash if they are courses belonging to the same program, same level, and semester and are scheduled same time on the timetable.
  • POP means PEN ON PAPER
  • NOUN POP exams are for 300 level – 800 level students
  • DAY 1 To Day 9 is for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Sciences.
  • Day 10 To Day 18 is for Faculty of Art, Faculty of Education, Faculty of LAW, Faculty of Management Sciences
  • All GST courses are E-exams – If you registered any GST courses check them on the E-exam timetable

Click on the download button below to download 2021_1 final draft POP exams timetable PDF


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