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NPower: How To Change DOB On NASIMS Portal to Solve Payment Issue

NPower: How To Change DOB On NASIMS Portal to Solve Payment Issue: Are you one of the Npower beneficiary facing issues with your monthly payment? If yes, then this post is what all you need to fix this challenge.

A lot of N-Power applicants are finding it difficult to verify their account number due to the discrepancy between the date of birth used for BVN and N-Power registration, and this is the major cause of payment failure. If you are among those that are currently facing that challenge, in this post, you will learn how to modify your date of birth on the NASIMS portal to enable you verify your account number.

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NPower: How To Change DOB On NASIMS Portal to Solve Payment Issue.

Kindly note that N-Power beneficiaries whose Bank Verification Number (BVN) is not validated and Bank accounts number not provided are likely to have payment failure.

After a successful validation of account details, your N-Power dashboard should indicate that your BVN has been validated and Bank account provided. If not, you will have issues with stipend payment.

In order to avoid the stress of having to send complaints to N-Power for assistance, it is required for the N-Power applicants that are yet to verify their BVN to do so.

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How to modify Date of Birth on NASIMS portal to solve payment issue

Below are steps to verify your bank account number:

Access the Nasims self-service portal by visiting https://nasims.gov.ng

  1. Review your bio data on the overview page to see whether your BVN is validated or not and if bank account is provided.
  2. If BVN validated and bank account provided, then you don’t have not worry, but if not, then complete the next steps.
  3. Click on Edit link on the overview page.
  4. Modify your date of birth to correspond to the one on your BVN.
  5. Click ‘Submit’ to affect the change.
  6. Go back to the deployment page and verify your account number.

Note: This will work if the payment problem you are having is related to date of birth.

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