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Opera News Hub Monthly Income Calculation Guide for Creators 2020

Opera News Hub Monthly Income Calculation Guide for Creators 2020: Are you a Creator in the OperaNewsHub platform? Have you earned or are you currently earning in the Opera News Hub as a Creator? If yes, this article, you will get vital information on how to calculate and analyze your monthly earnings in order to determine how much money you will make.

Opera News Hub is an online media platform where content creators can reach over 350 million people. Content creators can generate revenue through paid sponsorship. Opera pride 350 million users for her mobile users, this is a large number and will greatly help to get good writers the audience they deserve.

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Opera News Hub Monthly Income Calculation Guide for Creators 2020.

Following a number of requests to know how the income of creators on Opera News Hub Nigeria is calculated, we have decided to share some information to provide clarity.

Depending on the level of your creator account there are two main kinds of payment options available to you.

Now, let’s move on to the complete analysis of How Creator’s Monthly Income Is Calculated on Opera News Hub.

Opera News Hub Method of Calculating Income.

Traffic Fee

1. This fee is applicable to both unsigned and signed creators on the platform and it’s paid monthly. The traffic fees are calculated as the total number of clicks a creator’s articles generates in a given month, multiplied by the value of the clicks for the creators level.

Here’s an example for unsigned writers and junior level signed writers:

  • Total number of clicks for the month = 250,000 clicks
  • Value of clicks = N0.036 per click
  • Monthly Traffic Fee = 250,000 x 0.036 = N9000

2. All clicks will be eligible for a fee, meaning no more limit on 10k clicks.

3. There will be no engagement bonus for any article.

Fixed Fee

1. This fee is only applicable to signed creators. The value varies per contract level. This fee is provided as an insurance for services rendered and is only paid when a creator is unable to generate more income through the traffic fee system.

Here’s an example:

If Jamal a signed creator with a fixed fee agreement of N80,000 per month only generates N35,000 in traffic fee at the end of the month, instead of receiving that N35,000 as income, Jamal will be paid the insurance of N80,000 instead, However if Jamal generates N85,000 in traffic fee, there will be no need to activate the fixed fee.

2. We periodically review the accounts of unsigned writers to determine their eligibility for a fixed fee contract.

Concerning Payment Conditions

1. Payments for articles written on the hub will be processed by our payment team after your total income reaches 2000naira.

This means that if you are not a signed writer, and you made 800NGN for articles written in January, and make 1000NGN for February articles, such payment will not be made into your Opay account, but will be recorded in the system.

If you keep writing, whatever fee your article generates in March will be added to that of the previous months and we will pay all together.

2. O-Play will pay all amounts due to the Writer via its OPay account before the 30th of each month after reviewing all deliverable and article performance during that month. If holidays occur, payment will be delayed.

3. We will withhold 5% of your monthly income as taxes. Please be sure to include your Tax Identification Number (TIN) in your account dashboard. This is mandatory for all Opera News Hub creators who are eligible for any kind of fee.

4. Any article deemed as violating Opera News Hub policy will not be paid, even if it initially passed the review and was published.

Conclusion – Opera News Hub – hub.opera.com.

Ready to start making money on Opera News Hub? Do you want to join the money team by writing rich and trending articles to be paid monthly? If yes, click the button below to start your registration.

Start earning on Opera News Hub now.

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Please I am due for payment, and I can’t seem to understand why until now I’m not paid.


Pls were Can the monetization dashboard


Pls and pls say something, I beg you. I have More than #5000 but I haven’t been paid yet and it is past 15th on the month. why?


I registered opera hub for a week now and have posted 7 published article so far and am having above 30,00p clicks but not is showing in the monetization dashboard please help me out


Is it mandatory that your article must have 1000 click per article before that add it to your payment

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