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IITA/IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project List of Successful Applicants

by James Kase

IITA/IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project List of Successful Applicants: IFAD has released the names of successful applicants after opening its portal for for new and existing agripreneurs in Abuja, Imo, and Oyo states.

The IFAD Agrihub Nigeria project is geared towards unemployed Nigerian youth as well as emerging agripreneurs, willing to develop their skillsets along the employment and entrepreneurship track, aimed at increasing wage opportunities for youth and improved livelihoods in the rural economy.

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IITA/IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project List of Successful Applicants.

Congratulations to the successful applicants of the IFAD-Agrihub Cohort 1 2020. A full list of successful applicants can be found here with specific instruction for each hub:

Click on the links below to see IITA/IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project Successful Applicant List

The under listed applicants have been selected for the in FCT, Oyo and Imo hubs. Please check your email and SMS app for an invitation.

Aboutthe IITA/IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project.

This project is directed toward realizing IFAD’s vision in empowering African youth through the establishment of a network of youth-centered Agribusiness Hubs in Nigeria. These Hubs are intended to be transformational and integrate agricultural production and processing at two levels, one through imparting skill sets among employment track youth (70% of trainees), and another to equip and backstop young entrepreneurs (30% of trainees).

Furthermore, Integrated Agribusiness Hubs offer more than capacity-building, training, and mentoring services. The pilot enterprises test and refine modernizing agricultural technologies, and demonstrate them to the wider agricultural community in a manner that allows advisory services to grow around them. As the Agribusiness Hubs grow in number and sophistication they form mutually beneficial networks, including in the areas technology transfer, market intelligence, digital agriculture and policy advocacy. The Hubs serve as magnets for commercialization, attracting both new products and financial services.

Our goal is to create sustainable employment and income generating opportunities for youth in agriculture related activities.

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