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12 Most Advanced Countries in Robotics

In this post, you will learn more about the 12 most advanced countries in robotics. Robotics refers to the design, manufacturing and utilization of robots for tasks (in hardware and software) that have traditionally been performed by humans.

Automation and robotics will play an important role to compensate for the availability of fewer people of working age in the coming decades.

In fact, the future is being played out in Japan, where people who are aged 65 years or older, make up 29% of the country’s population as of 2021. This has led Japan to early-adopt robotics and automation to remain competitive, with 631 robots for every 10,000 humans in the workforce in the country.

The necessity of automation has also made Japan pretty much a superpower in robotics. The country is the largest manufacturer and exporter of industrial robots in 2022.

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This list of the most advanced countries in robotics, were ranked based on their technology scene in robotics as well as their level of automation.

12 Most Advanced Countries in Robotics.

Here are the 12 most advanced nations in robotics.

12. China

China, like other East Asian countries, is one of the most advanced countries in robotics. According to data from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the Chinese market added over 240,000 new robot units in 2021, an increase of 44% as compared to the year 2020. The country had 187 robots working in the manufacturing sector for every 10,000 humans in the same year.

This suggests that a significant number of factories in China have implemented automation technologies, including industrial robots, in their operations.

Automation in the country is covering for the labor shortage due to an aging population while also creating new jobs. For instance, 18 professions were announced by the Chinese Ministry for Human Resources and Social Security. One of these included the ‘Robotics Engineering Technician’, a job for R&D in control algorithms and operating systems for robots.

Siasun Robot&Automation Co.,Ltd. (SHENZHEN:300024.SZ) is one of the leading robotics companies in China.

11. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Northwestern Europe. It is known for high levels of automation as well as numerous robotics companies. As of 2021, the country’s robot density in the manufacturing workflow is 224 robots for every 10,000 human workers, according to the International Federation of Robotics.

The Netherlands is one of the pioneers in the most advanced robotics systems to date and is producing leading research from institutes like Radboud University. The country is also implementing AI and robotics technology to modernize industries like Agriculture, with its Wageningen UR being the top institute innovating in robotics for agriculture.


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