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12 Most Advanced Countries in Robotics

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3. South Korea

South Korea is another prominent East Asian player in the robotics industry. Its top robotics companies include Samsung and LG. It leads in robotics technology due to its strong technology infrastructure.

According to the National Science Foundation, South Korea’s share in the global output of Knowledge and Technology Intensive (KTI) industries was 6% in 2019.

South Korea is also the number one country when it comes to adoption of automation. As of 2021, it has an impressive 1,000 robots for every 10,000 humans in the manufacturing workforce, highest of any country.

2. Singapore

Singapore is an island country located in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most advanced countries in robotics and automation.

As of Q1, 2022, Singapore has 605 robots in the manufacturing industry for every 10,000 human workers. Given that the country has a population of just 5.4 million, there are over 327,000 industrial robots in Singapore.

Singapore has also widely adopted robots for other purposes as well, with widespread cultural acceptance. These include driverless taxi systems and patrolling police robots.

1. Japan

Japan is undisputedly the robotics-superpower of the world. It is the world’s top robot designer and manufacturer. As of 2022, 45% of all industrial robots in the world trace their origin in Japan.

China happens to be one of the biggest markets of Japanese robots, with 36% of Japan’s exports in robotics going to China. In Japan’s own workforce, there are 631 robots for every 10,000 humans as of 2021.

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Top manufacturers of robots in the country include Toyota Motor Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation and Fanuc Corporation.

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