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Top 10: Things You Need To Know About MTN eSIM Trial

Top 10: Things You Need To Know About MTN eSIM Trial: MTN Nigeria has begun the trial of e-SIM services on its network based on approvals received from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The telecom company said the e-SIM would lead to digital transformation, foster inclusion, improve customer experience and maintain the highest quality of service for its customers.

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Top 10: Things You Need To Know About MTN eSIM Trial.

Below are 10 things you need to know about the MTN eSIM technology.

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1. The trial started on Wednesday and it will run for one year.

2. The MTN eSIMs are designed to deliver unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Unlike the physical SIMs, MTN eSIMs are built into smartphones, devices and wearable. They support multiple profiles and allow customers to connect multiple numbers to their e-SIM devices.

3. Notwithstanding the sophistication of e-SIMs, the o-nboarding requirements are the same as are required for a physical SIM. Hence, SIM registration in line with existing regulatory prescriptions remains a requirement for activating a device embedded with an e-SIM.

4. MTN eSIMs are particularly useful for people who want to manage personal and business lines easily and effectively or want a separate profile for data.

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5. The new technology will also be extremely convenient for frequent travelers and tourists, making it easier for them to opt for and keep a local subscription when visiting Nigeria.

6. The trial is open on a first come first served basis to a limited number of subscribers who own compatible devices.


7. The e-SIM will also offer customers a seamless and distinctive digital experience with new levels of flexibility, simplicity and convenience.

8. MTN spearheads eSIM adoption in Nigeria as part of efforts to enable the digital economy.

9. For all MTN mobile subscribers who own e-SIM compatible devices, setting up an e-SIM profile with a new or existing mobile plan is quick and easy. All it takes is a visit to an MTN service centre where frontline staff will help in registration and on-boarding at no cost.

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10. Soon, e-SIM users will also be able to link multiple compatible devices and smart wearable such as tablets, smartwatches etc to their profile.

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