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Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships for International Students

Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships for International Students: The University of Hamburg in Germany is welcoming applications from international students for its merit scholarship program. Students of all nationalities who are non-German citizens are welcome to apply the Hamburg merit scholarships

With its merit scholarship program, Universität Hamburg supports outstanding international students and doctoral researchers in all subjects and at all degree levels who have been socially committed and actively involved in an international context. The awarding of a merit scholarship allows recipients to concentrate fully on their studies and gives them the opportunity to develop their skills.

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Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships for International Students.


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Eligibility Criteria | Universität Hamburg Germany Merit Scholarships

You are entitled to funding if you

  • have been enrolled in your subject at Universität Hamburg for at least 2 semesters and are pursuing a degree (students in 2-year master’s degree programs and doctoral researchers can apply after 1 completed semester);
  • do not hold German citizenship;
  • are not eligible for the federal student loan scheme.

Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships Benefits

  • The maximum monthly funding sum is €850. Depending on the availability of funding, individual doctoral researchers may be awarded a merit scholarship totaling €1,000 per month (roughly 2–3 merit scholarships are awarded per round).
  • Merit scholarships are awarded for 2 semesters (total of 12 months). You can reapply for a scholarship. In well-founded exceptional cases, the maximum funding period is 3 years.

Selection Procedure

Merit scholarships are awarded by a committee comprising members of faculties and ASTA (student council).

We will email you notification roughly 6–8 weeks after the application deadline. For an update on the current status of your application, check the online portal.

Selection Criteria

  • good to excellent academic performance
  • other verifiable knowledge and capabilities (e.g., presentations, publications, prizes; additional specialised skills); previous funding
  • social and/or intercultural activities (e.g., confirmation of volunteer work)
  • applicant’s need/social situation

Disbursement of scholarship

Merit scholarships are disbursed on the first day of each month of funding. Funding commences on 1 October for the application round ending on 15 April and on 1 April of the following year for the application round ending on 15 October.

Scholarships cannot be paid into a foreign bank account. Academic leave is not permitted during the period of funding either.

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How to Apply for Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships

The first step to applying for the Hamburg Merits scholarships is to enrol for a degree program of the university. Then apply for scholarships based on deadlines by following the link for your chosen application period (you will be required to log in using your STiNE ID):

You will then be invited to register and to complete your application.

Application Documents: You must upload the following documents to the online application portal:

    • CV
    • letter of motivation: please use this form (PDF)
    • proof of social and/or intercultural activities (if aplicable)
    • record of achievements: STiNE printout or list of course certificates. Master’s students and doctoral researchers submit their final certificate.
    • evaluations from 2 professors or junior professors at Universität Hamburg. In justified cases, other teaching staff at Universität Hamburg can also prepare evaluations.

Please submit proof of your residence permit to the program coordinator in good time before the end of the application period. As access to the University Administration building is still restricted, documents must be submitted by email to stipend-internationalstudent@uni-hamburg.de. Your documents will not be stored and will be deleted after viewing.

If you do not have a residence permit (e.g., if you are an EU citizen or for some other reason), contact the program coordinator.

Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships Application deadlines

We recommend an individual advising session before you submit your online application. The application deadlines are:

15 April (funding period: 1 October – 30 September of the following year)15 October (funding period: 1 April – 31 March of the following year)

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Contact the program coordinator should you have further questions. Good luck with your application!

Selection procedure and criteria | Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships

Who decides who receives a merit scholarship?

Merit scholarships are awarded by a committee comprising teachers, students, and members of the University Administration.

According to which criteria is the selection made?

  • good to excellent academic record
  • other verifiable knowledge and capabilities (presentations/publications/prizes); previous funding
  • social and/or political activities in an international context (e.g., confirmation of volunteer work)
  • applicant’s need

How and when will I be notified?

Communication takes place via an online tool (Mobility Online).

You will be notified via the portal within four weeks of the end of the application period. For an update on the current status of your application, please see the notifications in the portal.

Are students with dual citizenship, one of which is German, eligible for funding?

No. Students holding German citizenship and a further foreign citizenship are not eligible for funding.

Is there an age limit?

No. As of the winter semester 2015/16, there are no age restrictions!

How can I obtain an evaluation?

Please ask two professors from your department. Ideally, they should know you well, for example, because you attended one of their seminars or wrote a term paper for them. Please contact your evaluators at least four to six weeks before you apply for funding to ensure the evaluations are prepared in time.

Will my application be accepted if I only have an evaluation from one professor?

No. Your application is only complete when it includes two evaluations. Please notify us if you have difficulties finding a second professor to evaluate your achievements. We can help you to identify suitable evaluators.

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What does getting actively involved in Universität Hamburg’s internationalization projects entail? 

You can suggest PIASTA activities that you could organize for other students at Universität Hamburg in your application. Countless examples from past semesters can be viewed on the PIASTA website. Your projects should aim to foster an intercultural exchange between German and international students, or focus on cross-cultural topics likely to stimulate intercultural awareness and learning at the University or in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

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