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12 Countries With the Best Cars Production in the World

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10. Slovak Republic

Car Exports as of 2021: $26 billion

The Slovak Republic is a Central European country that gained its independence in 1993. The country’s car industry’s strength is no surprise as it was formerly part of Czechoslovakia, and therefore, inherited the automobile industry in part as companies such as Skoda were also based in the Slovak Republic. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia however, the car manufacturers shifted to the Czech Republic. Currently, domestic firms focus on manufacturing trucks for the military and other vehicles for urban transport. However, multinational giants such as Volkswagen, Kia, and Peugeot all have a manufacturing presence in the country, allowing the Slovak Republic to become of the largest car exporters in the world. As of 2021 end, it exported $26.8 billion worth of vehicles in the form of 1.6 million tons and a unit value of $16,345.

9. Canada

Car Exports as of 2021: $29 billion

Canada is a North American country and one of the largest in the world in terms of land mass. The country’s economy stood at $2.2 trillion in purchasing power parity terms in 2022, making it the 15th largest in the world, lending it a GDP per capita of $57,827. Like Slovakia, Canada is also home primarily to foreign car manufacturers, with local firms focusing instead on manufacturing buses. However, Canada does make its own armored cars. The Canadian firm Terradyne Armoured Vehicles builds light and stock armored cars that are capable of stopping armor piercing bullets. Canada also has a diverse automotive manufacturing ecosystem of suppliers, and one of its largest companies is Magna International, an automotive parts supplier. Canada’s car export stood at $29 billion in 2021. In Canada, American companies like Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), and General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) enjoy a huge popularity of their products.

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8. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Car Exports as of 2021: $30 billion

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a European country with an economy worth $3.8 trillion in 2022 and a GDP per capita of $55,862. The country is one of the first to have manufactured the modern day automobile, in the form of Rolls Royce 10 hp which was manufactured in 1904. Legend has it that the vehicle was so stable that a penny standing upright would maintain its position even when the engine was running. Since then, the U.K. has come a long way, and it is home to some of the most iconic car companies in the world such as McLaren, Lotus, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Land Rover. These are among some of the most valuable cars in the world, and McLaren’s McLaren F1 is still the world’s fastest naturally aspirated production car despite being introduced more than two decades back. These cars do not rely on turbochargers or other equipment to force air into the engine.

American cars made by Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), and General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) are also extremely popular in the country.

7. Kingdom of Belgium

Car Exports as of 2021: $31 billion

The Kingdom of Belgium is a European country that gained independence in 1830 from the Dutch Empire. It has a high GDP per capita of $62,065 and a high population density as well. Belgium has been home to some of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the world, such as Miesse, which established operations in 1894, and Ateliers Vivinus S.A., which started production a year later in 1895. Right now, Belgium is home to several different car companies, such as Edran which solely manufactures the Enigma sports car with 802 bhp, and Gillet, which is a car company started by a former racecar driver.

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6. Kingdom of Spain

Car Exports as of 2021: $33 billion

The Kingdom of Spain is a European country with one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The country had a $2.2 trillion GDP in 2022. The country is currently home to six different car companies. Its largest car exporter is SEAT S.A., which is a Volkswagen subsidiary and sells vehicles under the SEAT and Cupra brands to countries such as the United Kingdom. The Kingdom of Spain’s car exports stood at $33.9 billion in 2021, and it had exported a total of 2.5 million tons of vehicles with an average value of $13,308 per unit. A large chunk of population in Spain also imports cars from US automakers like Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), and General Motors Company (NYSE:GM).


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