Thursday, December 2, 2021

NALDA Registration 2021 Application Form Portal (

NALDA Registration 2021 Application Form Portal ( NALDA Recruitment 2021 has commenced. NALDA registration portal 2021 is now open for registrations. This is to inform prospective applicants that NALDA 2021 recruitment form is out. Apply through which is the official NALDA recruitment portal. See more details below.

NALDA recruitment is now online. This is to inform interested applicants that the NALDA Volunteer Programme has commenced. Prospective applicants can now apply via NALDA Portal

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NALDA Registration 2021 Application Form Portal (

In this article, you will get vital information on everything you need to apply the ongoing 2021 NALDA recruitment registration form online.

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NALDA Registration portal is

First of all, you need to understand that the NALDA application process is completely free and there is no application fee. Applicants are requested to read and understand all relevant information prior to applying.

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NALDA Recruitment Portal –

If you are interested in applying for this job vacancy today, then take out time to check out everything you need to know concerning Nalda 2021 recruitment form right now.

First of all, you need to understand that NALDA 2021 recruitment has begun and interested applicants are expected to submit their applications online.

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NALDA programme will last for 6 months and is a volunteer programme which will go a long way to help Nigerian citizens.


Don’t skip any line, sure that you read this Nalda registration guidelines from start till finish, because by doing so, you will have an idea of how to apply online for free fast.

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NALDA Requirements for 2021 Registration Form.

These includes;

  • Nationality: Must be Nigerians
  • Education: Minimum of OND and other related qualifications
  • Skills: Computer skills are desired, goal-oriented
  • Must be dependable and punctual
  • Must respect and maintain confidentiality of the organization
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Remember to share this link if you have any friend or relative looking for job in the government agricultural sector.

How to Apply NALDA Registration Form Portal 2021.

To apply for NALDA recruitment, all you need to do is to visit and submit your application.

NALDA is a volunteer programme and anybody is free to apply provided you have all the needed requirements. Simply follow the guidelines and posses the requirements and you’re good to go.

If you need updates on NALDA Recruitment 2021, simply tell us your opinion in the comment box below this write up and we will send you updates.

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  1. good day here, I search all-round here no form and a place to register,pls help me out registration.thanks.

  2. Most private schools now do promotional exams and enforce parents to pay School fee. They even went ahead to remove the students whom their parents did not comply. Just wondering if they operate outside the ministry of education or outside federal government instructions of lockdown.

  3. Its seems that government don’t really want people to get registered, if not why does it happened that the website is not link with the registration form? I have been trying severally but all avail not. If government want people to get registered, then let them do something in order not to keep people stranded.

  4. I’m interested to join this precious program,thank you and PMB for providing this great opportunity to the young.


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