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  1. I’m a retired Civil Servant and presently farming, I need support to expand my Casava farm and other farms. How do I register, or the portal is yet to be opened.

    it is our hope that this latter meets you well with your family, business and associate. i write to inform you of the necessary steps we all have taken to professionalize the farming industry. here in particular the benue state as its slogan tells the foodbarsket of the nation. agricultural development operation feed the nation forth coming 2030 respectfully

    1. Which website did you use to register. Because all the ones I tried gave error message “PAGE NOT FOUND “, ERROR 404

  3. I’m seriously interested in converting agric and agro-allied wastes to wealth and in preserving nature.

  4. No mater what the opposition say or do president Buhari still remains the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria. Ride on Mr president, we are solidly behind you.

  5. I am now sure mr president sir want every Nigeria citizen should have something to do for leaving. Thanks so much NALDA for this program it’s an opportunity to us agricultural graduates to enhance our skills

  6. It will be nice to get notifications but the is now it that I can’t submit please this should be look into

  7. It will be nice to get notifications but the iss now it that I can’t submit please this should be look into

  8. I apply for buhari youth farmers network,I have not received congratulations message since dere still now

  9. Pls I have trying to summit my form and it not going . pls help. Thanks more grace to our able president. Long live President Buhari, love live FG,long live Nigeria

    1. I want to be part of it, but don’t know how. This is my WhatsApp and call number:08080xxxxxxx

  10. Ushongo local government is not under the local governments in Benue state. It is missing

  11. I have been trying to apply but it keeps on telling me that the passport format is not suppoted. And the format i am uploading is jpeg. Please how can i go about that?

  12. Good things are still happening in this country. I believe this will really help us only if it’s not going to be politicized.
    Thanks in prospects therefore

  13. I’m an N.C.E holder from Obubra in CRS I will very grateful if my application is given consideration.

  14. Please I can’t find my local government.. Am from Enugu state, Nkanu west local government.. What should I do.

  15. I have resize my passport to JPG and PNG but still saying file format not supported, what can i do?

  16. If u encounter problems with the uploading of passport, u can consult 11 element Educational consult for assistant, call
    or DM on this WhatsApp line 07030536Xxx

  17. I Had From The People They Said That the Normal Passport Doesn’t work Except It Take From the Farm Is that so?

  18. The photos is not uploading. Any time I try uploading, it says field format not support, after all my image size if below 180kb

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