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Npower Stipend Increment 2020 Latest News Today

Npower Stipend Increment 2020 Latest News Today: The federal Government of Nigeria through her Npower Twitter handle responded to the news going round concerning Volunteers stipend as regards to minimum wage increment.

Their response wasn’t palatable as FG debunked any thought of having increased or is currently deliberating minimum wage increment for volunteers.

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Npower Stipend Increment 2020 Latest News Today.

A volunteer named Ameenu Ibrahim Yamel got feedback from FG Npower handle as to the rumor of stipend increment and this is what he got. His statement reads “dear Npower team, please clarify the information about rumored increase of Npower stipend” Npower team quickly reacted and posted “increment in stipend was not captured in budget.

npower stipend increment
npower stipend increment

From the above conversation, it is now obvious that the delay in January stipend is not as a result of any purported increase in the monthly stipend but could still be the usual technical glitches.

Today is the 7th of January and volunteers are yet to receive their monthly wage. How could you juxtapose the fact that a worker who earns thirty thousand naira only in a month is yet to be paid his/her monthly stipend? Is it agreeable to the taste and mind? Who would love to be treated to such? food for thought viewers.

I urge Volunteers to still be strong and start having dreams beyond thirty thousand naira monthly pay. NPower Job is not the only job in the world. There are meaningful fields of life that one could explore and start earning well, no man should limit his/her self on a particular job.

N-power Portal Login npvn.npower.gov.ng/login 2020/2021 – Update Your Account

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Move on Volunteers, move on Graduates, your dreams are beyond what you are earning now, the sky is yet to be your limit, utilize your potentials and develop your prestige.

Do not allow your prestige to be reduced to a chicken.

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