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Npower News Today Over Delayed Monthly Stipend Payments 2019

Npower News Today Over Delayed Monthly Stipend Payments 2019 : Some affected npower beneficiaries of Osun state have again grumbled seriously over the delay in payment of their npower monthly stipends since October, 2019 till date.

This became necessary when MEDIANGR.com.ng learned that, Npower stipends have not been paid to beneficiaries since October today; as at the time of publishing this post. The Npower October/November 2019 stipend is delayed due to still unknown reason. Although, N-Power social media handle claimed last week that the delay was due to data reconciliation at the new ministry.

Npower Monthly Stipend Payments: The Federal Government is yet to address this issue; leaving her beneficiaries at all grievances and worrisome.

Mediangr.com.ng recalled posting an article which depicts some informative guidelines on how and when to expect the Npower October/November stipend. Read more here.

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Npower News Today Over Delayed Monthly Stipend Payments 2019.

Mediangr have consistently received so many messages in request to When Npower October and November salary be paid”? Previously, we guided the audience with the latest news on Npower Stipend Payment date and what you need to know about when the October/November by salary will be paid.

If you are among those who are waiting to be paid your Npower monthly stipend salary of the month of October or November, you dont need to panic, you will surely be paid.

Continue reading further to find out the latest Npower News Today Over Delayed Monthly Stipend Payments 2019.


Npower Transition Login Portal

Npower Stipend Payment Update.

Are you searching for Npower October stipend payment date 2019? Do you want to know the reason why Npower October stipend payment is delayed? Are you looking for reason why Npower Salary payment latest news today? Here is the latest Npower news on salary payment for October and November, 2019.

Before you proceed with the Npower News, kindly check through other latest updates and hot Nigerian Jobs online below.

What is Npower Nigeria Programme?

N-Power is part of the government National Social Intervention Programme (NSIP) which commenced in 2015 with the initial 200,000 graduates and another 300,000 volunteers were also added in 2017, giving a total of 500,000 beneficiaries.

Some Beneficiaries Shows Their Grievances Towards Npower Stipend Payment Delay.

According to information gotten from Reliable Source (see credit below), some beneficiaries have expressed their worries towards the consequent delay in payment of Npower monthly stipend.

Some of these are as seen below.

The payment was very smooth and commendable initially before it became epileptic more than a year ago, when it started getting delayed, even, into the middle of the following month. As you can see, this October stipend is the worst so far and none of the N-Power officials deems it fit to come out with just a statement to explain such an unprecedented delay.”

Another beneficiary identified as Iyabode Tolulope, also lamented that the Npower scheme became worse when the NSIP was removed from the office of the vice president and put under a new ministry.

“This N-Power of a thing keeps on deteriorating every now and then. It has become even worse since the NSIP was moved to the new ministry. We have been experiencing untoward hardships. Many of us have been unceremoniously exited or put on hold for no justification.

“Many have been owed backlogs of monthly stipends. There’s a very wide communication gap between us and the N-Power officials. We are always in the dark. We only rely on mere rumour on social media for information. Even the homegrown school feeding programme has been technically abandoned in virtually all the states of the federation,” she said.

She queried: “What about the much talked about Trader Moni? What has become of the Market Moni? All have faded away? This was how Sure-P of the PDP dissolved into the thin air. If I may ask, is there a significant difference between the Sure-P of the PDP and N-Power of the APC? Only time will tell.”

When Will Npower Stipend Be Paid? See Latest News update below

Audit and verification of NSIP would be concluded by the House of Representatives and the ministry this week. October and November stipends might be paid anytime soon. Beneficiaries who were exited will be reinstated as well as those on hold and their stipends would be duly paid.”

It is not as if we had paid batch two and we did not pay batch one, there is a delay and I think the government has been consistent in payment.

Once the issue is resolved, there will be news on salary/stipend payment which all the npower beneficiary will hear and get their credit alert into their bank account.

How to get prepared to be paid – Npower October/November Stipend?

If you have not received your npower July 2019 Stipend; you firstly need to login to your account and check if everything is good with your profile. Login using npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

If everything is okay with your account, then relax as the issue is been sorted out and payment will soon be sent to all the beneficiaries.

The scheme said efforts were being put in place to solve the situation for delayed October npower stipend payment.

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Wrapping on Npower Monthly Stipends Payment.

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However, a lot of people has been asking what is the latest Npower news today about salary. Are you among the people asking these questions? Make sure you comment yes below to be informed each month when the federal government starts paying Npower Beneficiaries.

Are you also asking when will N-power stipends salary will be paid? Do you want to know the reason for the delay in Npower beneficiary salary this month? Kindly make use of our comment box below to ask your question and get the answer immediately.

Credit: Legit.ng

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