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All Emergency Numbers Hotlines in Nigeria – Full List

All Emergency Numbers Hotlines in Nigeria – Full List : Emergencies are sort of natural disaster that does not give cautions or forewarning before occurrence. It happens whenever, however, wherever and to whomever. No one is above disasters or accidents, but it can be checked.

Have you ever been in a pressing situation and you didn’t know who to call? Have you ever needed help but you didn’t have the right numbers to dial? That is about to change as we have curated helplines you can call during emergencies.

Please ONLY call these lines when you need help. Share to save a life.

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Table of Contents

List of Nigeria emergency telephone numbers.

While we have put together this list of emergency phone numbers, you should know that these hotlines will enable you contact the relevant agencies in case you encounter situations that are beyond your control or even in situations where you would require urgent response from the government security authorities.

The emergency numbers of the Police or Ambulance in the country is something I expect all Nigerians to have access to as it can aid you in situations that needs urgent response or help. Even the Fire Service helplines are important as you would know who to call whenever there is a fire emergency.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Nigeria’s country code 234
Ambulance 112 or 199
Fire Service Hotline 112 or 199
Police Emergency Hotline 112 or 199


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Full List of All Emergency Numbers Hotlines in Nigeria.

This article below will guide you in knowing the emergency help lines in Nigeria and these lines should be dialed when one or people are in a critical matter/ issue.

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Please share to save someone.

The Nigeria Police Emergency Hotline

  • 01-4931260
  • 01-4978899

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Hotline

  • 0805966666 (SMS only).
  • 08023909364
  • 0802311742
  • 08075005411


  • 112, 199


  • 080072732255

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CAH – (LAGOS STATE) – Child Abuse Hotline

  • 08085753932
  • 08102678442 Hotline

Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Hotline

  • 070-55350249
  • 070-35068242
  • 080-79279349.

State Security Service (SSS) Hotline

  • 08132222105–9.

Lagos Emergency Service (Police, Ambulance, and Traffic Service) Hotline

  • 112 or 767

DV – (Domestic Violence) – Lagos Hotline

  • 08102678443
  • 08057542266

Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Hotline

  • 122
  • 07002255372.

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Child Domestic Violence Hotline

  • 08107572829
  • 08131643208.

Violation of Girls and Women Helpline (VGW) Hotline

  • 080072732255

Depression/Suicide Prevention Initiative Hotline

  • 08062106493
  • 08092106493
  • 09080217555
  • 09034400009
  • 08111909909
  • 07013811143

Nigerian Army Human Rights NAHR (If you are being harassed or flaunted by Army officials) Hotline

  • 08160134303
  • 08161507644

WARIF Sexual Assault Helpline

  • 0809 210 0009

Hope you find this information useful.

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