Npower NASIMS Latest News Batch C Update for June 2021


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Npower NASIMS Latest News Batch C Update for June 2021: NPower News Today 2021 June: Verification, Shortlist, NASIMS, Deployment, Recruitment – Batch A, B & C News, NEXIT, Registration Latest News, Npower Empowerment Portal Login 2021, Password Reset.

NPower news – The N – Power programme was established by the country’s president – general Muhammadu Buhari to help tackle unemployment & alleviate poverty in the nation. Read the latest trends, including registration, recruitment, shortlist, transition, N-Exit, NASIMS online portal information etc. This is for non-graduates & graduates irrespective of NYSC.

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Npower NASIMS Latest News Batch C Update for June 2021.

Npower News- Minister shares Selection and Verification Dates for Npower Batch C

Our npower latest news read thus – Hon Minister Sadia has said the reason some applicants scored high but were not selected was as a result of their geographical locations.She said Applications were considered base on scores and population for the first stream.

Hon Minister Sadia explained that if the population of applicants of an area are over the specific number of 1000 in local government A. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

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But if local Government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than a 1000 Applicants. Even if an applicants of Npower scored 0% or 35% he or she can still be selected so as to balance the needed number that is expected to meet in the programme.

The Minister added that, second stream of selection for Npower batch C will begin on the 15/6/2021. That applications will still be considered from 45% to 65% in the second stream of Batch C stream 2 programme.

Applicants can start checking their mail box or check the Npower official site “NASIMS” on the 15 June, 2021 while selection will last till 21 June, 2021. And then physical verification for Batch C stream 2 will commence on the 25 June, 2021 till 30 June.

Npower News- Npower Batch C final Selection Stage.

All shortlisted applicants are requested to immediately enroll their biometric data to qualify for the final selection stage of the NPOWER Batch C (Stream 1) programme

Kindly follow the instructions below;

  1. Login to your dashboard and click the “verification” tab
  2. Click the “capture your fingerprint” button to download and install the enrolment application
  3. After installation, provide the required credentials and click “Proceed”.
  4. Make sure the fingerprint biometric device is connected, then click on “Begin Enrolment” to launch the enrolment process.
  5. Click on the finger to begin the enrolment process
  6. Applicants are to enroll their Right thumb, Right index, Left thumb and Left index fingers only for successful enrolment
  7. After successful enrollment, click on “Submit” to save the biometric enrollment
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After successful enrolment, please check the “verification” tab of your self service portal to confirm if the capture was successful.

Npower News – How To Reset Npower Nasims Password.

Npower news today 2021The New Npower portal called the Nasims is the center of all npower activities from daily Npower news for all Npower beneficiaries , Test for Npower batch c, biometrics ,selection and possible shortlisting of Npower beneficiaries.

However, we noticed a lot of Npower volunteers are finding it difficult accessing the new npower portal “NASIMS”. Some say they forgot their password while others don’t know the address of the said portal.

Here, we will accordingly, explain steps in retrieving your Npower password and for those that want to visit the Npower Nasims portal but don’t know how to.

For those that have forgotten their Npower Nasims password and will like to retrieve it, kindly follow the steps below :

How To Reset Npower Nasims Password


  • You will see the instruction page, scroll down to find the TEXT ” Go To Login“.
  • Click on “Go To Login”
  • The new page  opens with the caption “Login to your NASIMS Account
  • Scroll down to find the photo below; Click on “Forgot Password”
  • After clicking  forgot password ,Please note that only NPower Batch C applicants with valid submissions will be able to proceed
  • Select Means Of Verification , Enter Email or Identification ID after which click to retrieve password.
  • When this page load you will be required to now enter your new password.
  • Enter your New Password, Confirm and then click Proceed. 
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Hooray! Your password has been successfully reset. You can login to access your Dashboard.

NPower Batch C Biometric: How To Fix “Unhandled Exception” Error During NPower Biometric Installation

NPower Batch C: How To Fix ” Unhandled Exception” Error During N-Power Biometric Installation. Most N-Power Batch C applicants keeps getting this error message when attempting to install the NPower Biometric Enrollment Client App.

“Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue”

Please NPower Batch C applicants are being advised to follow strictly the installation guide on how to install the N-Power NASIMS Biometric Client.

An NPower Batch C applicant will experience the “unhandled exception” error if the N-Power Batch C applicant did not install the Fingerprint reader Prerequisite for either 32 (x32) bit Installation or 64 bit Installation (x64) or the General Installer.

The following prerequisite is required for Biometric Client:
.NET Desktop Runtimes .NET Core Runtime 3.1 and, For some systems, an N-Power Batch C applicants needs both the .NET Core SDK and .NET Core Runtime, please download for .NET Core 3.1

The .NET Runtimes are required in order to eliminate the “unhandled exception” error being experienced by some N-Power Batch C applicants when installing the N-Power NASIMS Biometric Client.

An NPower Batch C applicant can visit to install the required .Net Runtime


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