How to Apply Tax Identification Number Application & Requirements

TIN Number application guide – How to Apply Tax Identification Number Application & Requirements: Every Nigerian who sells products and services, runs his or her own business, is working for the government, public or private enterprise or involved into a free-lance system has to know details about TIN. Learn how to apply for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria, and why this is so important.

In our previous article, Mediangr shared the procedures on How to Check Tax Identification Number (TIN) Number in Nigeria. You should check it out. Registering for tax is a must-have when a citizen is about to launch a commerce firm and register a company. It is a part of the entity recognition, and it is assigned by law to pay taxes, and thus, to get TIN.

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TIN Number application guide.

TIN is an essential document in every individual and businessperson’s life. You will have to complete the application form for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria and submit it to the NFIRS (the 4-letter abbreviation stands for the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service).

The application is absolutely FREE of charge to receive your TIN in Nigeria, if you apply by yourself. Since this process is extremely simple, you can complete the application procedure on your own. You just need to visit your NFIRS office and request the TIN application form typically, you will be asked to fill out three copies.

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How to Apply Tax Identification Number Application & Requirements.

Established in 1943, NFIRS is designed to operate a well-organized tax system in the country. TIN identifiers are used by establishments and individual people for the goal of tax payment. Each working person has to apply for the Tax Identification Number, so let us understand how it happens all across Nigerian states.

A TIN is also necessary to get a tax clearance certificate for your business. You will need this as evidence that you are paying your taxes as due.

What do you need a Tax Identification Number?

Apart from registration for TIN being mandatory, there is a long list of other things, which you need a TIN for:

  • Opening a corporate bank account – Section 28(1) of the Personal Income Tax Act which was amended by the Finance Act 2020, states that ‘a person engaged in banking shall require that a person intending to open a bank account for the purposes of the person’s business operations shall provide a tax identification number as a precondition for opening or continue operating of such bank account’.
  • Government loans,
  • Foreign exchange,
  • Application for trade licenses, Import and export licenses
  • Registration of motor vehicles,
  • Application for certificate of occupancy, etc.

Requirements for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria

It is free of charge to complete and submit the official (legit) application form for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria. Besides, it is a legal obligation of each Nigerian. You are expected to pay taxes if you live and work in your home country, but you should also know what the requirements are:

  • Your TIN has to be Join Tax Board TIN only.
  • You have to make sure the address and name lines include no more than 200 characters (per each field).
  • Providing 11-digit phone numbers is necessary.
  • Each applicant has to provide an active email address.
  • You need to fill out all the fields marked as * in the TIN application form.
  • Only the official taxpayer can use his or her TIN (no third party persons are allowed).
  • Usually, you don’t have to apply for TIN if you are an incorporated trustee (but laws can change, so double check this information at NFIRS office).
  • Each Nigerian should get TIN if his or her firm receives income and profit.
  • Validating your TIN on the official NFIRS site is easy.

Why you need Tax Identification Number?

Application for tax identification number in Nigeria is must have for different situations:

  • It is required when you apply for the government loan.
  • It is must have when you wish to open a business account.
  • It is must have if you need an import, export or trade license.
  • It is necessary when you register your vehicle.
  • It is needed for getting tax clearance, allowance, waiver, incentive.
  • It is must have if you are planning to import your capitals into a foreign country.

Are you ready to become a registered taxpayer? Learn how you can be issued your personal TIN.

How to apply for TIN Number in Nigeria

For businesses

Here is a detailed instruction on how to get TIN number in Nigeria:

  1. Fill out the TIN application form.
  2. Provide your business registration number: Business Name Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. Provide the company’s business address, location and commencement’s date as well as other information required by the form.

For individuals

Follow this step by step guide and you will be issued your tax identification number:

  1. Complete the Application form for your TIN.
  2. Provide your ID document (It can be your driver’s license, ID card, international passport or staff ID).
  3. Provide your physical address, phone number, and other information required.

When all your documents are completed, you need to bring them to your Tax Office. You can go to the closest office to your location.

It usually takes up to 10 business days from the moment you submit your application for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria and the day you get TIN. Still, these terms can vary. Sometimes it is quicker, sometimes it can take longer (even for 1-2 months).

Anyway, when your tax number is ready you should be notified.

Now, when you are familiar with how to get TIN number in Nigeria, you are advised to complete the application for your Tax Identification Number, as soon as possible. Also, make sure you share this article to others.

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