How to Check TIN Number in Nigeria – Tax Identification Number

How to Check TIN Number in Nigeria – Tax Identification Number: Are you looking for how to check your Tax Identification Number (TIN) online? Are you searching for TIN number online checker? Then, this guidelines will aid you through.

Little did many Nigerian know that every one that is of taxable age and has obtained either BVN (Bank Verification number) or NIN (National Identification Number) has been allotted a Tax Identification Number (TIN) by the Nigerian government.

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How to Check TIN Number in Nigeria – Tax Identification Number.

The tax identification number (TIN) is a unique identifier for an individual or a company for the specific purpose of tax remittance and it is issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). As a business or individual, TIN is important because that is what shows that you are a registered taxpayer in Nigeria, and as you know that tax payment is made compulsory, every company, business, individual must have their own unique tax identification number. Follow the steps below to check your personal Tax Identification Number (TIN).

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What is a TIN?

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a unique number that identifies a specific individual (or business) for the purposes of paying taxes. As tax payment is mandatory for all individuals and businesses, everyone needs to have a unique TIN. However, this article will deal with TIN for businesses.

Who needs a TIN?

As mentioned above since tax payment is compulsory, every business must have its own unique TIN.

In July 2020, the CAC announced that upon successful registration of companies under Part A i.e. limited liability companies, a TIN would be automatically assigned to the company. However, the notification by the CAC does not cover other business organisations e.g. business names, therefore organisations like business names will still have to register with the FIRS directly.

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What do you need a TIN Number for?

Apart from registration for TIN being mandatory, there is a long list of other things, which you need a TIN for:

  • Opening a corporate bank account – Section 28(1) of the Personal Income Tax Act which was amended by the Finance Act 2020, states that ‘a person engaged in banking shall require that a person intending to open a bank account for the purposes of the person’s business operations shall provide a tax identification number as a precondition for opening or continue operating of such bank account’.
  • Government loans,
  • Foreign exchange,
  • Application for trade licenses, Import and export licenses
  • Registration of motor vehicles,
  • Application for certificate of occupancy, etc.

A TIN is also necessary to get a tax clearance certificate for your business. You will need this as evidence that you are paying your taxes as due.

How to Check Your Tax Identification Number.

  1. Visit
  2. Select your Date of Birth.
  3. Select your preferred search criteria from the Select Criteria Dropdown-TIN or NIN or BVN or Registered Phone Number
  4. Provide the appropriate value based on the search criteria in Step 2 above
  5. Confirm you are not a robot by checking the reCAPTCHA Box
  6. Click the Search button

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