5 Ways to Make Money in College as Videography Student (Side Job)


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5 Ways to Make Money in College as Videography Student (Side Job): Are you looking for how to make money working as a videographer and you’re also a college student? Some students are asking questions like; Can videography students be used for side jobs? Can I get side job as a student videographer? If you’re among these set of persons, then this article is for you.

Do you know that freelance videography is a booming market? The big question is, how do you break into it and start making a real living even as a college student?

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5 Ways to Make Money in College as Videography Student (Side Job).

Looking to fund new gear or future movie projects? This is a list of legitimate ways you can make money as a videographer and filmmaker!

I have compiled some great tips for Navigating a Videography Side Hustle in College. However, it is very important to inform you that this is not a get rich quick scheme or a random list of jobs. This is actual real-world insight. We’ve all had these jobs. Some of us still do these jobs in our free time!

Can videography students be used for side jobs?

Videography is a great way to make a living as a filmmaker. If you are just starting your journey to videography, you likely have a host of questions, including how much can you charge for videography, how do you decide on your rate being hourly, daily, or package, and how do you get started in videography in the first place? We’re here to answer them and help you launch into a career using your camera to make a living.

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The first thing to understand is that “videography” is a broad category, and most videographers have a special niche where they make most of their money. This is because clients who hire videographers want to be able to see work you have shot that is similar to what they are hiring for.

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So without further ado, let’s get into business;

5 Ways to Make Money in College as Videography Student.

1. Online Freelance and Competitions

The internet has totally changed this industry. Now you can create profiles on sites like Upwork, Thumbtack, and Fiverr, where agencies and clients can find freelancers for any project. You can also follow industry sites like Staff Me Up or Stage 32 for gigs in your area. There are even competition sites like MoFilm and Tongal, where you make a pitch or video in attempt to win serious amounts of money from major brands. As always, there’s also the Craigslist route too.

2. Tutorials and Monetization

The film industry was once notorious for being an unfriendly environment. Many people wouldn’t take the time of day to help up-and-coming filmmakers. It became the classic “old-boy” network, where you couldn’t get a job without having a connection. Then came the internet and digital revolution.

People began sharing tips and tricks in forums, eventually making video tutorials on YouTube. It’s easy to forget how much this industry has changed since the days of YouTube. You now have access to any tutorial on any subject. If you make tutorials, you can set up your YouTube page for monetization. You can start making money of the knowledge you have acquired. If you aren’t an expert on a subject, you can also interview experts. Have an uncle that fixes cars? How about a mother that has an incredible garden? You can make tutorials about anything. Someone will search for it.

3. High School Sports and Highlight Reels

Most of these jobs are incredibly easy, especially if you are shooting footage for a coach. A coach just wants a wide shot of the field, that way they can analyze every player during each play. All you have to do is follow the ball.

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You shoot the footage and immediately turn it over. No hours of editing, just a dvd or digital copy of the footage is all they need. Come the end to the season, juniors and seniors are looking to make highlight reels to send out for potential scholarships.

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4. Live Events and Meetings

Concerts, corporate events, product releases, speakers, conferences. That’s just the starting list. Aim for events that are reoccurring. If an agency wants you to film their new product release party, make a video great enough that they call you back for the next product release. Same goes for yearly events or conferences. Companies will promote their next event with a video from the previous year. Then you’re setting yourself up for a yearly gig.

5. Freelance News Reporting

Get some exclusive photos and video footages. Don’t let a station ask to share your video, you need to sell your work. Offer them exclusive use. Smaller stations don’t have the biggest budgets, so you really need to be in a major metropolitan area to pull this off to make any significant money.

What equipment do you need?

One of the nice things about videography is that, while there are absolutely gear needs, there is some flexibility on what that gear might be.

For instance, most videography clients will have a specific specification that they are looking for but care less about brands or models. Currently, the spec on every client’s list is 4K; everybody double-checks to make sure you are shooting 4K. This is a bit silly, since even a phone can shoot 4K, and one of the most common cameras at the top of the cinema market, the Arri Alexa, doesn’t shoot 4K (it’s 2.8K) but would make far more pleasing images than a phone. But it’s a figure that has taken off in the marketing, and it’s what people expect. You’ll need a 4K camera for videography.

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You can go for Sony, RED, Panasonic, or Canon, and most of the time you are going to be A-OK. Cameras like the Sony FX6, Panasonic EVA1, and Canon C300 are likely going to be the easiest to work with at a busy event and make the most sense to invest in, but if you have an FS7, an older Sony 4K model, most clients won’t bat an eye. Even integrated lens camcorders like the Panasonic can be appealing since it’s 4K and offers a great zoom range. While on a commercial or music video shoot, interchangeable lenses are valued, but in videography that’s less important.

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How much do you charge as a videographer?

When you talk on how much a videographer earns or how much you can charge for your services as a videographer, the answer is simple. It all depends on what market you are in geographically, what type of videography you are doing, and how experienced you are, so we can’t just say a single rate that will apply in all situations, but we can talk about the strategies you should use for setting your rate.

Final notes on how to make money in College as Videography Student.

If you are ready to pursue work as a videographer, it is a booming market out there. Be sure to remain ever conscious that your job is to do everything possible to safely get the shot.

Never get complacent, constantly pay attention to the latest techniques, tools, and trends, and you can find a way to make a living with a camera by your side.

Was this list helpful? Do you have some new clients to target? Let us know in the comments below.

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