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Nigerian Navy Monthly Salary Scale & Officers Ranks 2019/2020

Nigerian Navy Monthly Salary Scale & Officers Ranks 2019/2020 : Are you searching for Nigerian Navy salary structure and salary per month? Do you want to know the Nigerian Navy monthly salary scale? Are you in search of the Nigerian navy monthly salary structure? If yes, kindly read this article to the finish.

Haven’t you dreamt of becoming a Naval officer when you were a child? Many Nigerians think about joining the Nigerian Navy because of their rumoured high salaries and impressive ranks. It is time to discover the average Nigerian Navy salary per month depending on the officer’s rank and the payment structure.

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Nigerian Navy Monthly Salary Scale.

Being a naval officer is very prestigious. This profession is respected by all citizens. You will get not only a well-paid job but also get an amazing status, respect and a chance to build a happy and successful career in your home country.

Many women and men from Nigeria serve in Armed Forces’ branch. They join Navy and become officers, but their salary depends on many aspects. The main aspect here is the rank of the officer. In other words, the salary structure looks like this: the higher your rank is, the more you are paid.

The structure is rank-based, and it takes into the consideration how many years a person has worked in the Nigerian Navy. Besides, millions of people wonder how much these people earn. You can guess that the information is not public, but citizens keep searching for this data.

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Therefore, we have read some rumors and got around some interesting numbers, and we are happy to give you an idea of how much you could possibly earn after joining the Nigerian Navy. Just keep in mind that this task is complicated. Not everyone can easily join this structure and work here.

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Nigerian Navy Monthly Salary Scale

Here are some examples of Nigerian Navy salary per month based on officers ranks. We only came across the estimates for the officers with the highest ranks. Those who have a lower rank earn way less than this:

  • Over 16 million Naira per year or over 1 million Naira per month – this is the approximate salary of an Admiral
  • Over 13 million Naira per year or over 1 million Naira per month – this is the estimated earnings of a Vice Admiral
  • Over 12 million Naira per year or around 1 million Naira per month – this is how much a Rear-Admiral can earn
  • Over 7 million Naira per year or nearly 600,000 Naira per month – this is the fairly accurate earnings of a Commodore
  • A bit lower than 4 million Naira per year or over 300,000 Naira per month – this is the estimated salary of a Captain
  • Over 3 million Naira per year or approximately 250,000 Naira per month – this is how much a Commander can earn

Being recruited into Navy is respectful. As you have noticed, you can expect being paid a lot after your rank grows. It’s a common trend used in different professions. Still, the difference between a regular office salary and Navy salary is huge.

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By the way, officers can enjoy more advantages than just the high salary. Right, they get enough money per month, but they can also enjoy everyone’s respect. Thus you can be proud of what you are doing.

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While we do our best to provide the most reliable information on salaries in Nigerian Navy, all the numbers mentioned are approximate earnings. The reality can change slightly, so the highest ranked officers can either get a bit more or less money each month.

Wrapping up on Nigerian Navy Salary Scale Per Month.

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