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NDA Subject Combination 2022 for 74RC Entrance Exam (JAMB)

by James Kase

NDA Subject Combination 2022 for 74th Regular Course Entrance Examination: Are you searching for NDA Courses and requirements? Do you want to get the subject combination of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)? If then, this post will give you all information as regards NDA subject combination for all courses.

In this article, you will get vital information concerning the list of NDA Subject combinations for FASS, NDA Subject combination for Sciences, NDA Subject Combinations for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, and NDA Subject combination for Engineering students respectively.


How to Apply NDA Application Form 

NDA Subject Combination 2022.

In line with the commencement of the Nigerian Defence Academy 74th Regular Course (RC) online application form and registrations for interested candidates, Mediangr is pleased to announce the full list of subject combinations according to their programme of study.

Also, the NDA screening test has been announced and will hold at various designated centres across the country.


NDA Entrance Exam Subjects Combinations.

1. Candidates for FASS. Candidates for FASS are to answer all questions in any THREE of the following subjects that are applicable to the candidate’s chosen course:

    1. Mathematics – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).
    2. Economics.
    3. Geography.
    4. History.
    5. Government.
    6. French.
    7. Biology – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).

2. Candidates for Sciences. Candidates for courses in Faculty of Science are to answer questions as follows:

    1. Mathematics (Mathematics and any 2 of Physics, Chemistry and Economics).
    2. Physics (Physics and any 2 of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology).
    3. Chemistry (Chemistry and any 2 of Physics, Biology and Mathematics).
    4. Biology (Biology and any 2 of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).

3. Candidates for Engineering. Candidates for the Faculty of Engineering are to answer ALL questions in the 3 subjects listed below:

    1. Mathematics.
    2. Physics.
    3. Chemistry.

4. Candidates for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.  Candidates for Intelligence & Cyber Security Studies are to answer the following:

    1. Mathematics
    2. Physics and
    3. Anyone of Biology, Chemistry or Economics.

Please note that only those with duly printed Examination Card will be admitted into the various centres for the test.

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Umar Aminu February 19, 2022 - 4:17 pm

I was just wondering if you sometime soon and we can go to nda because I have been there before me and my phone

James Kase February 19, 2022 - 6:44 pm

Hello sir Umar, please can I find it difficult to understand your submission. How can I help you sir?


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