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Apply FIFA Master Scholarships and Financial Aid 2022

FIFA Master Scholarships and Financial Aid 2022: The FIFA Master course offers several scholarships each year which are awarded by the Scientific Committee on the basis of academic standards (merit) and financial need as follows:

  • Two “full” scholarships (CHF 45’000 each) for candidates which cover course fees and living expenses.
  • Two “full” FIFA/CIES International University Network scholarships (CHF 45’000) for candidates who have completed one of the FIFA/CIES International University Network Programmes. Applicants wishing to request this scholarship should clearly indicate on the online application form they are a graduate from one of these programmes.
  • Four scholarships which only cover course fees (CHF 25’000 each) and which are available to all candidates.

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FIFA Master Scholarships and Financial Aid 2022.

CIES Education presents the FIFA Master programme with scholarships and financial aid for international students of African nationalities. Eligible candidates are invited to apply for these fully funded scholarships to study in Switzerland.

All Scholarships may be divided by the Scientific Committee in order to help as many candidates as possible. So, if you are applying for financial support, please be aware that receiving a complete fees scholarship is extremely unlikely. However, if the only way for you to successfully attend the course is through a scholarship, then you must complete the scholarship application form in full, providing as much detail as possible.

Please note that in addition to these scholarships, each year a number of postgraduates succeed in obtaining financial support either through sponsors or government-type loans usually in their home country or country of residence.

Apply FIFA Master Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

The FIFA Master seeks to attract a diverse profile of applicants, those who exhibit a variety of skills and accomplishments. This is in contrast to some courses which target one standard candidate profile. In order to create the most stimulating environment possible for all postgraduates, we consciously select a complementary student body, one that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, but also a wide range of personal interests and professional ambitions.

The common characteristics of our postgraduates are demonstrated by leadership potential and a capacity to thrive in a rigorous academic environment.

All prospective candidates must:

  • Have completed a full course of university study in any discipline and successfully obtained a degree by the application date;
  • Have an excellent command of English, TOEFL minimum score of 100 Internet based test or IELTS minimum score of 7.5 (or demonstrate a level of proficiency);
  • Have previous work experience;
  • Have an international outlook;
  • Be able to demonstrate an active level of involvement/interest in sport (not just as a participant but in the administration/management of sport);
  • Be motivated and determined to succeed;
  • Be flexible and able to meet the challenges of the course;
  • Have an extensive general knowledge and culture;
  • Be able to work in a group (group work is a key part of the course);
  • Recommended but optional: submit score from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or GRE.

Failure to fulfil any of the above criteria will mean that your application will not be taken into consideration.

The application deadline for the 23rd Edition (2022-2023) of the FIFA Master is now over.  

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The selection process will take around 3-4 months. Applications for the 23rd Edition of the FIFA Master will no longer be accepted under any circumstances. For those of you who would like to apply in the future, the online application form for the 24th Edition of the FIFA Master (2023-2024) will be available as of October 2022.

Many thanks for your interest in our course.

Yours in sport,

The FIFA Master Team

FIFA Master – International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, ranked No.1 Course in Europe 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by the SportBusiness International global rankings.

Organised by CIES in partnership with De Montfort University (United Kingdom), SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy) and the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).


How to Apply FIFA Master Scholarships and Financial Aid 2022.

Apply now

Preparing yourself

  • In order to access the FIFA Master Online Application Form, you will need to create a login and password.  Before doing so, we encourage you to first read through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and to check that you fulfil all the Criteria for Applying. Then, please read the Financial Aid and the Terms and Conditions.
  • Once you are sure that you can and wish to apply, please download and carefully read the FIFA Master Online Application Guidelines
  • You will be required to provide certain supporting documentation (copies of your degree certificate, passport, etc.). You have the option of  either uploading these documents (the preferred method) or sending by regular post. If you choose to upload your supporting documentation you must do so in .pdf format. To create .pdf files, we recommend that you use ‘PDF Maker’ (it is free) since this programme produces PDFs which are compatible with the FIFA Master Online Application form (http://pdf-maker.softonic.fr/).  Also please download and read carefully the Guidelines to upload files.

Completing the application form

  • You do not have to complete the online application in one sitting or from one computer. You may access your application and change your answers as many times as you like before submitting it from any computer with Internet access. There is an option for you to “Preview” a draft .pdf version of your application.  This allows you to view what you have written (please note that this .pdf version of your application is for your own personal use only and should not be posted to CIES under any circumstances!).
  • Be sure to complete all sections (1 to 6) of the FIFA Master Online Application. Please note that all fields marked with a * are mandatory fields which must be completed.
  • For the essay questions, please be sure to adhere to the word limit, the point of the exercise is to be succinct!
  • When you are satisfied with your application, you must “submit” it (instructions are given on how to do this in step 6 of the online form). Please note that once you decide to submit your application, this is the “point of no return”, so be sure you are completely happy with the content and presentation before submitting. We will not receive your application at CIES until you click submit. Once you have submitted you will receive an email confirmation.

Specifics concerning the supporting documentation

The documents below are an integral part of your application.  Please note that your Curriculum Vitae/Résumé must be in English. Other documents, while still preferred in English, can be accepted in French, German, Italian or Spanish. Documents in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English translation (e.g. not a translation by you the applicant, but an approved translation stamped by a notary or a similar person).

  • Your University Degree & University Transcripts
    The former should show your final degree qualification. The latter should show all details of examinations you undertook during the course of your studies. These documents can be submitted in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. If they are in any other language they must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Please note that you must present the originals of these documents when you arrive at the Université de Neuchâtel, a mandatory step for you to complete your matriculation as a postgraduate.
  • Your High School or Secondary School Certificate & Transcripts
    Depending on the country where you went to secondary school, you may have one single certificate (e.g. A-Level results or baccalauréat) or a diploma and a transcript with your marks (e.g. High School diploma and your grades separately on a transcript).  These documents can be submitted in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. If they are in any other language they must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Please note that, like your degree certificate, you must also present the original of your single certificate (e.g. A-Levels…) or diploma (High School graduation certificate) when you arrive at the Université de Neuchâtel, a mandatory step for you to complete your matriculation as a postgraduate.
  • Proof of English
    If English is not your mother tongue, then we ask you to provide certification of English proficiency. The TOEFL test,  the most widely respected English-language test in the world, is the only certification recommended. We request a minimum of 600 points on the paper-based exam which equates to 250 on the computer-based test and to 100 on the internet-based test. If you provide other English certification (for example IELTS or the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)), then please be sure that your level is equal to the aforementioned minimum TOEFL requirements. The score conversion tables are available here – https://www.ets.org/toefl/institutions/scores/compare/#cefr. Scores on IELTS should be at least 7 and for CEFR you should have at least a C1 level. If your score is not sufficient, then your application may not be taken into consideration or you may be required to re-sit an English test.Please note that you should plan well ahead since obtaining the results takes time in addition to taking the test.

    However, an exception can be made to this rule in the following circumstances:
    – You have studied your university degree at an English-speaking university;
    – You are currently working, or have worked, in an English-speaking company or organisation and have done so for a number of years;
    – Your spouse/partner is English mother tongue and you communicate on a daily basis in English;

    If you fulfil one of the above criteria, then please state so on your application form, uploading a letter  explaining this instead of the TOEFL certificate (Section 5 FIFA Master Online Application). This way we know that the missing certificate of proficiency is not an omission on your part, and we can consider your file as otherwise complete. Nevertheless, even in the case of these exceptions, and given that there is an ever-increasing number of applications for what is a fixed number of places, we do recommend that you obtain official proof of your English level through English proficiency certification. More information at www.toefl.org. Please also have a look at the EUROPEAN LEVELS – self assessment grid

  • Letters of Reference
    Letters of reference are an important aspect of the application.  These are letters written by someone else testifying to your academic and professional competencies.  Ideally, these should explain how and why you are a perfect candidate for the FIFA Master.  If the referee is not familiar with the FIFA Master, then you should explain the course to him/her in order for them to write the best letter for your application.One reference should be a professional reference, ie. from your current employer or someone who knows you well in a professional capacity, and the other should be an academic reference, ie. from someone, eg. a former professor, who can vouch for your academic capabilities and potential. If you are unable to obtain both sorts of reference, then it is acceptable to provide either two academic or two professional references.

    Your references can be in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. References in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English translation.  The references should be as detailed as possible, ie. not just one or two lines, and in the format preferred by your referee. Your referees should provide their full contact details (telephone, e-mail address) on the reference in case we wish to contact them for further information.

    Please ask your referees to submit their reference to you – not to us – for you to then include with your application.

  • Passport/ID card
    This should show validity to the end of the course programme. If it doesn’t and you are accepted on the programme, you will need to ensure it has been extended by the time the programme starts since otherwise it could affect administrative regulations in the countries of study.
  • Curriculum vitae / résumé
    This document must be in English only and be concise on one or two pages.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) / GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)
    The GMAT or GRE are optional. If you have one, we ask you attach a copy of your score along with the other supporting documents.
  • Submitting Supporting Documentation
    In order to include/send these documents, you have two options:If you have all the documents in electronic format or the possibility of creating electronic documents (access to a scanner), you can upload them. You should note that the files should be in .pdf format only. This is by far the best way of sending your documents since it means that you have total control of your application which comes to us in one big file, and you don’t risk delays or documents being lost in the post. We therefore strongly encourage you to apply in this manner! Also please download and read carefully the Guidelines to upload files.

    If you do not have access to a scanner and/or the possibility to upload some or all of the documents required, you can choose to send some or all of these documents by post  in one envelope. In this case, on the application form you must insert the courier reference number.  The only exceptions are for your references and the English proficiency certification which can be sent separately, should your referees and the English proficiency provider prefer to send these documents directly to us rather than giving them to you for sending, in which case, please provide him/her with the CIES mailing address. Please note, however, that we very much prefer receiving all documents together in one envelope and all documents, however they come to us, should be received at our offices no later than the deadline. Send your documents to the following address:

    CIES (Centre International d’Etude du Sport)
    For the attention of : The Admissions Team
    Hôtel DuPeyrou
    Avenue DuPeyrou 1
    CH – 2000 Neuchâtel

    As soon as your documents – including references if these are being sent directly by your referee(s) – are received by CIES, the administrator will mark that the documents have been received in your account. Please note, the CIES administrator will not answer e-mails from you asking if your documents have been received, it is therefore your responsibility to keep an eye on your account at all times. Since many applications are received in the last few days before the deadline, and in order to avoid you undue stress, we strongly encourage you to submit your application early so that there is ample time to be sure that everything has been processed correctly and that your application is complete.


Terms and conditions for FIFA Master Scholarships and Financial Aid 2022.

I. If I am offered a place on the FIFA Master and I wish to accept the offer, I commit to the following:

a. To attend all lectures and seminars, to prepare myself by pre-reading course material and handouts, to fully participate in the class discussions and to contribute as much as I am able to the group dynamics and build a true “team spirit”;

b. To respect and adhere to the inherent “code of ethics” and student Charter of the FIFA Master which are based on respect of my fellow postgraduates, the teaching and coordination staff, and all people directly or indirectly involved in the course;

c. To pay the total amount of the course fees of CHF 25’000.- (twenty-five thousand Swiss Francs) no later than 20 working days after the date on which I am officially informed by the CIES (by e-mail, exceptionally by fax), and to e-mail or fax proof of my payment (copy of the bank transaction) to the CIES within the same 20-day timeframe. I note that details of where and how I should make the payment will be given to me in the offer.

d. I accept that the course fees, once paid, are non-refundable in all circumstances. If my course fees are being paid by a third party (company sponsor, study loan provider, etc.), I commit to inform my sponsor in advance that the fees are non-refundable, and obtain a signed letter of agreement from him/her testifying his/her agreement to these terms, which I will submit to CIES at the same time as my proof of payment, ie. within 20 working days.

II. If I am offered a place in the FIFA Master but do not wish to accept this place, I will inform the CIES as soon as possible, and no later than 20 working days from the date on which I am offered a place, so that the CIES can offer the place to another candidate. I accept that if I do not respond to and accept the offer within 20 days; the CIES will withdraw the offer.

III. I accept that it is my sole responsibility to check whether I need a visa for any or all of the three countries of study, and to make any visa applications required. I will make all necessary efforts to allow sufficient time for any such applications and to fulfil any conditions required: these conditions often include providing proof of health insurance cover and bank statements to show I have enough funds to cover my living expenses. Under no circumstance are the CIES nor the universities able to make such applications for me. They can provide help as far as they are able in the form of visa support letters. I accept that the CIES and the universities will take no responsibility if I am unable to obtain visas.

IV. I accept that it is my sole responsibility to ensure that I have sufficient accident, health and repatriation insurance to the levels required by the legislation in each of the countries of study. I note that Switzerland has a special legislation about health insurance and that depending on my personal situation; I may be required to subscribe a Swiss health insurance for the module period in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

V. I acknowledge that I must have sufficient funds available to support myself during the period of study. A conservative estimate of these living costs is CHF 25’000.- for the 11 months of study (covering basic food and accommodation costs in the three countries, insurance coverage that may be compulsory for NON-EU citizen, visa costs, residence permit taxes for Switzerland, matriculation costs at universities and personal costs between countries). These living costs are in addition to the CHF 25’000.- for the tuition fees. I accept that the CIES, FIFA and the three partner universities are not in a position to offer financial assistance to me should I find myself in financial difficulty during my studies.

VI. If I have a disability or medical condition I agree to inform the CIES who will advise me on the support available at each university, the terms for obtaining this support, how to access it and related costs which I must assume myself.

VII. Accommodation; I understand and accept that: At De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, student type’s accommodation option is offered by the university. The local coordinator will provide direction and support and it is the student responsibility to make the booking through the university accommodation office. At SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, IT, and at Université de Neuchâtel in Neuchâtel, CH, no accommodation is provided by the universities.The local coordinators will provide listing of real estate agencies and privately held accommodations. It is the student responsibility to contact those agencies and make his/her own booking. I agree to pay, within whatever timeframes are given to me, any deposits of prepayment of rent for part or the full period of my stay, and to accept any associated conditions (e.g. non-refund ability of such payments). Similarly, I agree to honor payment for the full period of any agreement made for accommodation. I accept that failure to do any of the above will inevitably result in the cancellation of any reservation made and if such cancellations incur costs or cause damage to the university/landlord through breach of contract with accommodation agencies and or landlords, I will compensate the latter for any damage they incur. Should I decide not to accept accommodation options at De Montfort or I have special needs (e.g. being accompanied by my Partner and/or family), I accept that no assistance will be provided and that I must make my own arrangements.

VIII. I note that all documents produced during the course of study of the FIFA Master – exam papers, presentations and the final project – are the exclusive property of CIES which has copyright there on.

IX. Any disputes between the CIES and the postgraduates shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the programme shall be finally settled by the Tribunal and Courts of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, which will apply their own procedural laws.

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