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Josephus Scholarship Screening Guidelines & Requirements

by James Kase

Josephus Scholarship Screening Guidelines & Requirements: Did you apply or you intend to apply for the 2021 Josephus Scholarship? Then this article will show you all the requirements and necessary steps for this scholarship screening process.

The management of the First Technical University (Tech-U) Ibadan has released the guidelines for the 2021 Josephus Scholarship Screening scheduled for Thursday 14th January 2021.

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Josephus Scholarship Screening Guidelines & Requirements.

All Applicants should take note:

1. Ensure you have a laptop/Desktop Computer (with webcam and microphone) available for the exam

2. Internet access must be available and uninterrupted for at least three hours during the screening/ examination

3. Install ZOOM application on your laptop or desktop computer (with webcam and microphone) for screening/verification exercise

4. Ensure you ALONE in a SILENT ROOM with enough light/illumination without any interference from any anyone, object or device

5. Launch the ZOOM application and join by 11am prompt for your screening using the ZOOM MEETING ID: 971 4711 9460 and Passcode josephus. 

PLEASE NOTE: The ZOOM application must be left on throughout the screening and examination period as attendance will be taken at intervals. Real-time instructions shall be communicated across by the designated invigilator through the zoom meeting session

Josephus Scholarship Screening Examination Procedure

  1. Log on to https://tees.tech-u.edu.ng/ on your web browser (e.g. Google chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) Examination login details shall be communicated directly to students after verification
  2.  Please make sure you do not login EARLIER than the time ALLOCATED for the Examination i.e , if your time is 12:00 noon, login at exactly 12:00 noon and not before. Failure to log in 10 mins after the start of examination means automatic disqualification.
  3. Click on login upon typing correct login credentials as provided by your examination supervisor
  4. Confirm the details on the Biodata information form by clicking on the checkbox. Click on Continue to start the examination
  5. If you have a slow network, kindly wait for your question to be displayed. Your time will only start to count upon the display of the first question
  6.  Click on next to move to another question or back for previous questions.
  7. Review all questions across all sections before you submit. Click on Review to check the questions answered and the unanswered questions. You can click on any of the numbers to review the answer or questions
  8. Confirm answering all questions in your subject combination 9. Click Submit Button to end the Examination.

If you have any issue/problem kindly contact 08T19096760 (WhatsApp) or Email: ictunitetech-u.edu.ng. Candidates are strongly advised to adhere strictly to the above-stated guidelines to ensure a hitch-free exercise.

Meanwhile, the Josephus Scholarship is still opened till Weds, 13th January 2021.

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